You might ask yourself – what makes a hike better with a guide? Here are some of our reviews from past hikers with Upstate Hiking. As Brian Afflixio has been the sole guide for Upstate Hiking (previously just Roulette Travel) and does bookings through AirBnB Experiences, these reviews are sourced from Upstate Hiking’s AirBnB Experiences page. To view these reviews on AirBnB Experiences, just click here and scroll down!

Chris- May 2022

My significant other and I booked this hike not really knowing what to expect and it turned out to be unlike anything else we have ever done. Brian is very personable and fun to talk to as he guides you on the journey. He pushed us out of our comfort zones while keeping us safe and not putting us in harms way. He led us to numerous beautiful waterfalls and took stunning pictures of us. Cannot recommend this enough as it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Alexander – April 2022

My significant other and I booked this hike not really knowing what to expect and it turned out to be unlike anything else we have ever done. Brian is very personable and fun to talk to as he guides you on the journey. He pushed us out of our comfort zones while keeping us safe and not putting us in harms way. He led us to numerous beautiful waterfalls and took stunning pictures of us. Cannot recommend this enough as it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Amanda – March 2022

This experience went beyond our expectations! I reached out just days before our trip, Brian was wonderful in trying to accommodate our last minute adventure. We brought our toddler, infant and two dogs. Brian was great at accommodating all of our family members and the hike was perfect for our level of experience. He was patient, kind and so great with our toddler and dogs. He helped in areas with getting them up steep rocks. We appreciated how he would ask permission before doing things like picking up our toddler or dogs. As we walked the background and history he told was engaging. The views were breathtaking. He sent us over 200 photos from our hike that are all beautiful. We will be hiking with Brian again. This experience was well worth the time and money.

Daniel – March 2022

Brian did an awesome job taking us around considering our bizarrely specific needs. We couldn’t believe how prepared he was. Everyone on the trip was incredibly thrilled and we’re all great hikers on our own. From what I’ve seen of the photography so far it was excellent.

Lisa & Trevor – March 2022

Brian’s Guided hike in the Catskills was fantastic. He was very prepared and had everything we needed to stay safe and make the experience a huge success !! He shared history of the area and was very informational. We had a beautiful day and can’t wait to see all the fantastic photos !!! Highly recommend – The views are Fabulous

Devin – March 2022

This was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend it to anyone. I could not have safely done the hike on my own given the ice/snow even if I had known the area/trails to choose, which I did not—and I would have been sad not to have experienced the falls this time of year. They were magical, and Brian knew all of the best paths/routes to get incredible views. Brian was very prepared, friendly, and informative, and he took great pictures. (He even gave me some tips on improving my own photography.) As a solo traveler, Brian worked to pair my schedule with another solo person’s to do the hike, which worked out great. Fantastic and recommended!

Sylvia & Friends- March 2022

This experience was absolutely amazing. We had an opportunity to hike in a beautiful landscape. Brian is experienced and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything! It was magical. We highly recommend this adventure especially in the winter time. He is committed in making sure you thoroughly enjoy yourself and the pictures show it.

Rachel & John – March 2022

Take this hike with Brian! We had so much fun exploring all the places you think of exploring in the Catskills but don’t know how to get to. He took us to waterfalls, behind, in front and we got to see them from several different vantage points. He had ALL the gear anyone would need to go hiking even though we didn’t have hiking boots on. He also has a great personality that would make anyone feel comfortable for 4 straight hours and was cautious and careful with us the entire time making sure we didn’t skip or stumbles; every step was thought out for us to make sure we got through unscathed. Also, he took the greatest photos of me and my partner both individually and as a couple. The bang is welll worth the buck and probably even more. We talked about being excited to go hiking with him again in the summer since we came in winter (a very magical experience so please treat yourself to a snowy hike). Taking a tour in the winter was a whole different world. It looked like a real set of frozen or narnia and he knew just about EVERYTHING there was to know about how ice forms on different parts of rock and fence and i mean, i wish we were going again today! Bonus is that you work up a good appetite doing a trek like this and he knows the best places to recommend food to get afterwards. Food always tastes better after you’ve done a little bit of hard physical work. This was hands down the best part of our trip upstate.”

Yining – March 2022

Brian is a great guide. He knows the trails well and knows how to get great pictures. The whole hiking experience was very well thought-out. He encourages his guests to be adventurous but also pays much attention to safety. I will go on more trips with him in the future for sure! You get more than you pay for!

Vicky – March 2022

This hike was fantastic! It was my first time using crampons and trekking in the ice/snow and Brian made sure that everyone in the group was comfortable using the equipment that we had on hand. The view was amazing and, as advertised, I didn’t have to take my phone out once to get spectacular souvenir pictures in the end. I would highly recommend this hike with Brian if in the area!

Raeesha and Suhit – March 2022

Brian is amazing!!!!! This is a once in a life time experience that I will forever treasure ! He made sure that all of us were safe, he took a million photographs of us and had such fancy snacks 10/10!

Lauren & Steven – March 2022

My husband and I went on a guided hike with Brian as our first true winter hike and I honestly feel like no other winter hike will even top this. Not only did Brian know all the trails/area extremely well but he was also able to provide us with the appropriate footwear accessories-micro spikes & crampons- to allow us to safely traverse the trails. Brian was also very knowledgeable about the type of snow we were on and the history of area. He always encouraged us but never pushed us past our comfort zone. We will definitely book more trips with Brian next time we are in the area!

Vijay & Company- February 2022

Amazing experience! Brian was super friendly. He had all the gears required and guided well along the route on how to use it. we felt very safe, highly recommended if you are a beginner snow hiker!

Jesi- February 2022

A beautiful hike and Brian made it seems so easy and smooth that we felt like pros at the mountain! He told us a some history about the place. Some jokes. Offered help to a couple of hikers who looked troubled. Never said no to a photo! Kindly yes! And he rescued my hat that fell off the bridge! We also felt safe using all the proper gear and following all the safety directions! We had such a great time!!!!! 100% recommended!!

Dani & Family- February 2022

This hike was a lot of fun. Something we couldn’t have done without Brian’s knowledge and equipment. He was very knowledgeable about the area as well allowing us to learn along the way. Would highly recommend!

Danielle & Sara- February 2022

This hike was a lot of fun. Something we couldn’t have done without Brian’s knowledge and equipment. He was very knowledgeable about the area as well allowing us to learn along the way. Would highly recommend!

Harold & Chantal- February 2022

Did this hike last year with Brian. wanted to go again and introduce some friends to the experience, it was even better than last time. Because of the weather, the experience was quite different. Brian guided expertly. Kept us safe through some pretty gnarly conditions, and made sure everyone had a good time. Well worth it. highly recommend.

Brian is a consummate professional! This was our second hike with him. He takes safety seriously and really approaches his work with care. If you want to go on a winter hike, definitely go with a guide and look no further than Brian

Marwin & Company- February 2022

Brian was exactly as advertised. He is personable and charming. More importantly, he is an expert mountaineer and hiking guide. He had all the tools and equipment to make our adventure as magical and safe as possible. 10/10 would go again

Deena & Family- February 2022

Hands down one of (if not the) best experiences of our life! Brian is an excellent guide who is very knowledgeable, keeps safety and comfort at the top of his priority list. The whole trip was something out of this world, really magical. We can’t wait to come back and explore the trail with Brian again.hank you for the amazing time, the awesome coaching and for giving me the courage to confidently say I can’t wait to do this again, hopefully very soon! Highly recommend.

Noah & Lauren- February 2022

Brian was a great guide and came well prepared to make sure we were comfortable. He was always willing to take us a little further and be more adventurous, with safety at the front of mind. He also went to great lengths to take amazing photos of us, while including the beautiful scenery. Overall it was a great hike with some amazing views and just the right amount of challenge.

Andrea & Will- February 2022

Definitely exceeded expectations. My boyfriend and I like a challenge and this was a very memorable experience. Brian was very sweet and told many stories along the way about the architecture. He was very informative and took everyone’s ability into consideration. The picture taking was a bonus and the photos came out amazing.”

Kanchan & Chad- February 2022

Brian is a super host. We were able to a enjoy the experience without having to worry about gear, safety or taking photos. He made sure that we were got to explore a bit more or less as we wanted while keeping safety in mind and had coffee and snacks for us to keep the energy up. This was our first time winter hiking with walking sticks and crampons and it was great that all these were provided. He was took some amazing photos and went the extra mile to get difficult but beautiful shots, making this trip a memorable one. Thank you Brian!

Aarabi & John- February 2022

Had a great time with Brian on the hike. He really enjoys not just hiking, but also coaching people on how to hike. We loved learning all the interesting tid bits on how to hike in the winter safely. He was very patient, and was well prepared with all the gears needed to make this a memorable and safe experience. 10/10 would highly recommend this experience with Brian!

Sara – February 2022

I cannot recommend Brian and his hikes enough. Your experience will be everything you might expect it to be and more! Thanks for an epic day, Brian!

Enka – February 2022

There is no way to explain how awesome this hike is, you just have to do it! Trust me! I have been hiking with Brian before and each experience is very unique! Brian never puts your life in danger and is very knowledgeable about his surroundings. And to top it off he takes awesome photos of you throughout the hike! I will definitely be back!

Ashley – February 2022

Brian is an exceptional host! He goes above and beyond to make sure you are safe, comfortable, and overall having fun during the hike. He’s a true camper and has all the necessities needed in case you forgot something. I would definitely recommend hiking with Brian.

Kali – February 2022

This experience exceeded our expectations! We loved everything about the hike and the views were breathtaking! Brian was a wonderful guide and made us feel comfortable even as beginners! We cannot wait to come back during another season!

Christina – February 2022

Brian was amazing and so was the hike. Even in not so perfect conditions he still made it out for the trip and were able to see the falls and see some amazing formations. so glad we did this hike.

Chris – January 2022

This was well worth it. Brian was great and very knowledgeable about the area. I am definitely booking again this summer on his other hikes. Really amazing experience and everyone should do it! Can’t wait to return!

Marissa and Jordan – January 2022

Brian was a superb hiking guide. He’s friendly and very informative. You’ll be sure to learn something on your hike and maybe even gain new friends! Hiking around a frozen waterfall is dangerous but Brian made us feel very safe and comfortable. I also loved that I didn’t have to worry about taking out my phone because brian takes a bunch of photos on his Sony and his iPhone. Overall, very pleased with the experience and will most likely book with Brian in the future for a backcountry trip!

Leon & Company – January 2022

This was such an breathtaking experience. Brian is an amazing guide. His story telling and comedic jokes made the experience that much more memorable. My family and I had such great time hiking with Brian that we hope that you would too.

Thuy – January 2022

Want an exhilarating adventure? You got it! Take a step into Narnia with Brian as he guides to a magical winter wonderland place! Brian is knowledgable of the area and its history. Most importantly he is very attentive to our safety to make our experience more comfortable. Brian will take your photos throughout the trip so no need to take out your camera. Very enjoyable time and would definitely book again with Brian in the future!

Beeke and Lief – January 2022

This was a magical experience! Brian went above and beyond to take amazing photos during our hike. My husband and I are hobby hikers but this was definitely out of the ordinary for us. We went in January and hiking through the ice and seeing a frozen waterfall was just mesmerizing.

Carly – January 2022

I chose Brian with Upstate Hiking for my first time adventuring in the Catskills alone on a solo trip. I did not want to hike by myself, and I knew from his Instagram and Airbnb reviews, that he would be able to give me an experience of a lifetime. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I felt safe and taken care of the entire trip, I left with new knowledge of terrain and gear, and have a bunch of photos to remember the experience forever.

Shalinee & Ace – January 2022

I don’t even know where to begin. If you’re considering booking with Brian, don’t hesitate and book! If I could recommend him to everyone I know, I would!! He went over and beyond and really gave us the best experience! My expectations were blown away. His pricing is extremely fair as he provides everything and anything you could possibly need. He’s very knowledgeable in the trails and passionate about what he does, both hiking and photography. Brian is so friendly, my husband and I felt an immediate connection, which made our hike that much more fun. He advised us prior to the hike down to what to wear etc as well as along the hike. It was our first winter hike and we felt completely safe and well prepared. Already thinking about our next hike with him in the Fall. Thank you Brian!! Highly highly recommend!!! You won’t regret it!!

Jisha – January 2022

Brian is very knowledgeable about the hiking trails and locations, he made sure everyone was comfortable and safe during the entire trip. He also tries to make it fun for everyone with his jokes and stories. Would 100% recommend!!

Marcos & Lulu – January 2022

Brian is the right guy to go hiking. He made me and my wife feel secure and comfortable on our first time hiking. He made us have one of best experience of our lives.

Mieko – January 2022

This hike was way beyond my expectations. The frozen water fall was breathtakingly beautiful and walking on the icy trail/water falls with spike traction was super fun. Brian is super cool professional guide&photographer, down to earth, in tune with nature. fun conversations along the way from the beginning to the end. He usually takes 2 people minimum for his guide but he was kindly accommodated my solo adventure trip made it possible, made my birthday extra special 🙂 l originally thought of doing this hike alone but l was so glad to have Brian with me, he gave me a lot of safety advise/precautions while hiking on ice, and took lots of cool pictures!! l would recommend him to anyone 100%!

Ramin & Vansh – January 2022

We really enjoyed this guided hike, it was amazing!! Brian was great and we LOVED the views. Definitely recommend this experience and we got amazing pics too!

Melanie & Johanna – January 2022

Amazing hike! Brian is knowledgeable, careful, and took us in an incredible hike even though it was rainy. His love of the outdoors is infectious and he knows the trails well. We are experienced hikers but still had an incredible time going to places we likely would not have gone on our own.

Maribel & Family – December 2021

Brian is the bomb!!!! we had a great time. He adjusted the hike to keep my teen engaged and having fun. He is super knowledgeable, easy to talk to and passionate about nature. We can’t wait to keep exploring!

Whitney and Joe – December 2021

we had an amazing time and saw beautiful waterfalls! so magical & I absolutely recommend seeing the frozen waterfalls to others. We plan on coming back in the Fall to do another hike because the colors of the leaves will be beautiful to see and amazing pictures taken throughout the trip

Sarah & Stanley – December 2021

Our hike with Brian was spectacular. He was a kind, knowledgeable, capable guide who orchestrated an unforgettable experience for our family. The photographs he took of us are some of our most treasured. Book this experience.

Suzanah & Family – December 2021

Our hike with Brian was spectacular. He was a kind, knowledgeable, capable guide who orchestrated an unforgettable experience for our family. The photographs he took of us are some of our most treasured. Book this experience.

Magali & Drew – November 2021

Brian is an exceptional guide. He crushed our expectations with a intimate knowlege of the scenery, off trail magical discoveries, and thoughtful details like special snacks and professional quality photo memories handed off at the end. We felt like we made a new friend , not just a guide. We can’t recommend him enough

Eddie & Company – November 2021

I am so happy that we booked Brian! He made our experience a life long memory. Incredible views and just enough push out of our comfort zones made this the ultimate experience. He was knowledgeable on the area and we felt very safe while with him. We will definitely be booking him again !

Tiana & Family – October 2021

Brian is the best! My family and I have used him twice already. He is filled with lots of knowledge, takes us on great trails, captures amazing pictures, and provides us with an overall excellent , safe and memorable experience!

Jaclyn – November 2021

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about an experience with Brian! We had such an amazing day touring arwas we wpuld have never survived on our own. Brian made us feel safe and at ease the entire trip. And his phtography skills are top notch and ill treasure them forever. To add to Brians awesomeness, he even stopped to help another hiker in need and made surw that everyone got out safely. He has all my recommedations if anyone is looking for a different kind of adventure during your stay!

Ethan – November 2021

Brian has been an ASTOUNDING guide! He was able to answer our questions and facilitate our experience as much as possible to make it memorable. This experience is definitely worth very dollar. Brian was able to take great professional pictures with a professional camera and he knows the best spots for photos. Would want to do another hiking expensive with Brian, maybe in other mountains in USA.

Clara – November 2021

Our guide was really professional. On the way down, we encountered a lady who had sprained her ankle and was unable to walk, and he helped get her safely to help. You can be sure that you are definitely in good hands! Also, our guide took wonderful pictures of us 🙂

Jessica, Lucie and Andy

September 2021

Today’s trip to see waterfalls was absolutely amazing! Brian is skilled and educated in every way possible to make us feel safe. He was extremely attentive and made sure we all felt comfortable. He paced the hike for us appropriately and asked all the right questions prior to the hike to figure out what we could and could not do. It was completely out of this world!!! We did not expect what we got and we don’t have many more words fore the experience other than it was magical! I haven’t been on a hike this good yet- and I hike internationally! Thank you Brian- I’ll be calling soon for a fall hike”!

Camille and Mack

September 2021

“I booked this hike for my anniversary weekend and it was absolutely amazing. Brian was so knowledgeable, accommodating, patient and an expert in the Catskills! Not only did Brian share his knowledge about the history of the area and the biodiversity, he took STUNNING PHOTOS! I would highly recommend and we will absolutely be booking hiking experiences with Brian in the future.”

Johanna and Porter

September 2021

I could not have asked for a better introduction to hiking in the Catskills! My pup and I had a great day seeing some beautiful waterfalls and an incredible overlook around sunset. It was so nice to be able to hike and not worry about getting turned around, or feel like I was missing out on seeing something. Brian was very personable, and shared lots of interesting facts about the area throughout the hike. As a guide, Brian was fun, down-to-earth, and very informative, but he also quite skilled in capturing some great photos, of both humans and dogs alike! I am so glad I incorporated this experience into my getaway and encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in seeing what the Catskills has to offer, to book this unique experience with Brian! You will not regret it! I hope to be back for a fall and/or winter hike after this one! – Johanna (and Porter the pup), September 2021


October 2021

Where can I start? Right off the bat, I greeted Brian at the location he has all his hikers meet up. His handshake alone showed me right away not only his strength but his great presence as a person. He loves what he does. Truly a gem to have in the world of hiking. His expertise, diligence, and great ability to customize a hike that’s right for you is spot on. If you’re up for a challenge that’s exactly what’ll get. If you want to still enjoy nature and just be a bit easier on yourself, I’m sure he has the right thing for you too. He definitely went above and beyond with myself and one other hiker that joined. She’s was also so lovely. It’s nice to be around people who will take on anything and flow with things. Just as with hiking, anything can happen. Brian stayed on his toes and made sure to keep an eye out when needed in order to keep us on the right path and as well on our footing. I learned plenty while on our hike. By the way, his photo skills are awesome. He may have took some candids on his phone where I look crazy but I know it was me working hard pushing through a hike that wasn’t so forgiving in some spots. 😅. I can’t wait to see the photos from his camera, which he will happily email you later when he edits them. HOW NICE! But this won’t be the last time I’ll book with him. There’s so much to see at the Catskills and one day of hiking won’t cut it. Thank you again, Brian. Til’ next time.

Joe and Andrea

September 2021

“Brian is a fantastic guide! His communication was great from the start and his passion for what he does really shows. He is very personable, reasonable and makes sure that you get the experience you deserve! He came equipped with snacks, facts, jokes, and takes both iphone and hi-res photos the whole way through. He does a great job of testing your limits and keeping you comfortable all at the same time. Highly recommended! Looking forward to another trek!” – Joe and Andrea, September 2021

Kena – October 2021

Brian made my first ever 1500 ft elevation gain hike feel easy. Kept us interested all throughout with fun facts about the mushrooms, vegetation, interesting insects, rock formations, history of Catskills, and oh yes Dad jokes. I wish there was a separate category to rate his snack bag 5 stars! He carried extra rain coats, hiking poles, snacks, first aid kits, and a bag full of motivation when we were out of breath. The hike itself was magical. Breathtaking views, challenging terrain. The pictures Brian took came out beautiful only second to the actual views that kept getting better every mile. Brian is a passionate guide and a creative photographer. Would definitely be doing a lot more hikes with him. Can’t wait for his camping trips coming soon!

Jasmine and Eric

September 2021

IT WAS AMAZING! I’m so proud of my boyfriend and I for hiking a long trail. Brian was an amazing instructor and he really is passionate about what he does. He’s extremely knowledgeable and we hope to hike with him again! He also took great photos. My advice to anyone reading this is to keep your hands free, no phones or pointless items so you can be fully aware of your surroundings. Trust me, Brian’s photos will be better than the ones you try to take on your phone. This hike isn’t for the faint of heart. If you dislike heights, let Brian know and he can get you on a trail fit for you. The pretty sights are a little higher up just so you know.” – Jasmine and Eric, September 2021

Sarah and Jake

September 2021

We could not recommend a hike with Brian enough. He was knowledgeable, prepared, and had plenty of jokes for us. It was clear that he had a great understanding of the area, making sure that we didn’t miss any views or photo opportunities. Brian provided snacks and had plenty of supplies in case something went wrong, but after getting to know Brian, it was clear that wouldn’t happen. After leaving, we were already talking about when we could come back to do another trip with Brian. – Sarah and Jake, September 2021

Dan and Louise

September 2021

“We had an amazing time hiking with Brian and our friendly group of fellow hikers! Brian was a super guide, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. He was accommodating of all of our abilities and encouraged us to push ourselves if we felt comfortable, but provided alternative options if we preferred.
Beautiful scenery, a day very well spent and we look forward to hopefully hiking with Brian again soon! Definitely recommend.” – Dan and Louise, September 2021

Aj and Colleen

“Unforgettable experience with Brian. This was my first guided hike and couldn’t recommend it more, we wouldn’t have discovered many of the beautiful locations he brought us to. On top of that, his pictures are incredible and the icing on the cake.” – AJ and Colleen, September 2021

Enka – September 2021

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Don’t think twice and just go for it! Brian is awesome. I was alone and nervous about meeting up with a stranger but Brian made me feel comfortable from the meet up, to the end of this soul-filling experience. He reached out with a note before the trip and provided prep tips. He made the hike fun as well as allowed time for relaxing and taking in the views. Oh, and he takes incredible photos! I will be back for another tour ASAP! – Enka, August 2021

Thanh & Doan – February 2021

This was our second trip with Brian and we couldn’t be any happier. We had him for a trip in the fall chasing foliage and decided to come back for snow hiking in the winter. The best part about going with Brian is that you will never have to worry about planning ahead logistics stuff – Brian took care of everything. He picked us up from our airbnb and drove us to the hiking spot. He brought snacks and safety equipment. He was the tour guide, the camera man, and the creative director behind our magical shoots during the trip. It was my first time snow hiking ever and I was scared to walk down icy slopes along the trail. Luckily we had Brian, he gave us detailed safety guidance and patiently waited for us all the time. I would recommend booking a private trip for a complete personalized experience.

Ashley & Emily – August 2021

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Brian made my first trip to the Catskills one to remember. He took us to scenic locations we would’ve never found on our own & made the experience fun & enjoyable. Brian goes above & beyond in so many ways! We will be back! – Ashley and Emily, August 2021

Shauna – August 2021

Brian was amazing! So personable and easy to talk to. Incredibly knowledgeable about the area and the hike. Made sure all of us felt comfortable with where we were going and took us to some incredibly beautiful places!

Victoria – March 2021

This experience was awesome! Brian was so knowledgeable, answered all questions we had, and made our first ‘real hike’ so much fun! The views were amazing and he took so many photos of us capturing the day! We’d book again in a heartbeat!

Khoi and Jane – August 2021

Incredible trekking experience. I had the most wonderful time to enjoy experience. Brian is knowledgeable, informative, prepared and reassuring. He carefully checked up on me in advanced in order to customize the trip and suit my needs. You will not be disappointed!
Khoi and Jane, August 2021

Victoria – March 2021

This was my second time doing an ice hike with Brian and once again, it was incredible! The gorgeous views, facts that Brian is able to share about the location and its history, and his focus on safety all made this an amazing experience. Highly recommend doing a tour with him. We had a blast. Thank you so much, Brian! Can’t wait to book a tour during the summer!!

Lauren & family – June 2021

Brian is fantastic. He took me, my husband, and our 16-month-old on a hike and if you know anything about toddlers, you know packing your patience is a requirement. Not only was Brian patient, he was pleasant, knowledgeable, and an all around amazing tour guide. The hike with Brian exceeded our expectations and he captured some amazing shots of me and my family while out on the trail. I’m grateful for the experience and still daydreaming of the views. If you’re in the area and looking for an adventure, I’d definitely recommend booking a hike with Brian. – Lauren, June 2021

Cenia – August 2021

This was my 2nd trip with Brian, he’s an incredible guide and photographer. Knowledgeable and truly cares for the area. The best hiking trip I’ve ever done hands down, and the best thing on Air B & B for adventure lovers in NY – Cenia, August 2021

Ron – June 2021

Brian is an amazing guide. He knows the trail and history of the land well. He accommodated us throughout the day and really worked with us. We felt challenged but safe throughout. His patience and keen photographic eye made the experience invaluable. Highly recommended. Can’t wait to return! – Ron, June 2021

Greg – July 2021

Despite cloudy and rainy conditions, I really enjoyed the guided hike. I hike pretty often but I still learned a lot about hiking generally and the Catskills. Brian is a phenomenal guide and will provide a well curated experience. He’ll also take a ton of great pictures, so it’s a nice opportunity for a couple or family to get pictures without worrying about who will take the picture. I highly recommend this experience if it’s your first time in the Catskills, but it’s honestly great anytime. I will definitely try this experience again when I return to the Catskills with hopefully clear weather. – Greg, July 2021

Chezarae & Damon – August 2021

I would definitely recommend! I thought Brian was a great guide and took amazing photos, it was nice being able to capture the moment without all the work of doing it yourself (and let’s be honest – even if we could, we would never get shots like these!) His sense of humor also made the walking stretches go by quickly! Overall, a great experience! 5 stars. Chezarae, August 2021

Mervyn & Family – August 2021

The hiking experience was more than what I hoped it would be. I’ve been coming to the Catskills for years now, but this was the first time I brought my kids. I needed their first Catskills experience to be perfect, thanks to Brian it was exactly that. I highly recommend Brian.

Vidya & Family – September 2021

Brian is extremely passionate about hiking and helped create an unforgettable experience for us. He took us to areas that we had never been before. In addition to being a hiker, he is an awesome photographer. He took some great pictures, that we will treasure for years to come. Highly recommend Brian. We are looking forward to future trips with him.

Allison – July 2021

Brian was outstanding! He took two kids from Long Island and made us feel like we actually knew what we were doing in the middle of the woods. He was so knowledgeable about the area and provides interesting facts along the way. The photos he takes are incredible and I will definitely be framing some of them. We hope to come back and hike with him again soon 🙂 – Allison, July 2021

Craig and Anamalina – July 2021

This is a great way to experience a hike in the Catskills. Brian is flexible to your skill level, is an experienced photographer who takes a lot of photographs to commemorate your hike. He’s flexible to location, but when he suggested north south lake, I was all in. I hadn’t been to this spot since I was 17 years old and forgot how magical it is. Well worth the experience, and a great value. My girlfriend loves pictures, so it really made her day. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?? – Craig, July 2021

Anthony – May 2021

Our hiking around the waterfalls was breathtaking- we loved every minute of it. Brian was knowledgeable in explaining the geography, the history (including the impact of glaciers in creating the terrain). He also did a great job giving us tips on how to place our foot on certain rocks (to not slip) and in certain situations and testing rocks and roots before relying on them for support. We highly recommend this tour! – Anthony, May 2021

Alicea – April 2021

Brian was a fantastic guide for us. We were lucky to be his only 2 guest that day and got the opportunity to go on a long hike and really explore Catskills. Not only did he bring us to a long trail but he took the time to show us some beautiful locations along the way. He provided us with snacks, rest time and even shared his knowledge about Catskills and tips and trick for our future hiking experiences. Overall Brian was incredible! And I hope to go on another hike with him soon. – Alicea, April 2021

Rebecca & family – March 2021

Brian was a fantastic guide during our hike down to the falls. I am in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and he was incredibly thoughtful to map out a route which was both safe and comfortable for me. Brian was a wealth of knowledge on the area and the history of the hotel which used to stand there, and led fascinating discussions and stories. Another perk is that he is an incredible photographer, and helped us to capture 200 images of our journey. We would totally recommend taking Brians adventure – you won’t be disappointed! – Rebecca, March 2021

Grace & Company – March 2021

Brian was a great guide – personable, funny, and super equipped. The hike was a little harder than expected, probably due to the suddenly super cold weather, but Brian made us feel super safe! We enjoyed breathtaking views and a spectacular frozen waterfall, and Brian took great pictures so we could really just focus on hiking. Especially if you’re a first timer to ice hiking, i cannot recommend Brian enough. My group and I shudder to think how we would have fared without an expert like Brian – thank you Brian!!


March 2021

Brian was fantastic. Everything about our experience from start to finish was a delight, and he was great. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the region, the ecosystem, and showed us a ton of cool things on the trail we would’ve never understood otherwise. He also found the perfect spot for me to propose to my boyfriend, and we couldn’t be happier with the amazing photos he took of the experience. I highly recommend him!


March 2021

This adventure far exceeded my expectations. Brian was comforting, knowledgeable and well-prepared from the moment we first interacted- prior to even booking. Honestly, I didnt know what to expect with a winter/ice hike, and it was a great adventure…just enough of a challenge and feeling well taken care of and safe every step of the journey. We learned a lot, got a nice little workout, and really enjoyed learning along the way. I’m also used to taking hundreds of photos to document everything. Knowing Brian was taking photos allowed me to enjoy the moment…and the photos were stunning! What a great vacation-like day that was SO needed Thank you, Brian! – Sara, March 2021

Brenda & Company – March 2021

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Magnificent views of Kaaterskill Falls with parts of the falls still frozen. Brian was the perfect host with excellent knowledge of the area and the terrain, and best of all, he made sure we were navigating the icy and steep slopes safely! Will definitely recommend this tour! – Brenda, March 2021

Mary – March 2021

Brian is an excellent trail and hiking guide! For our 2nd Wedding Anniversary we hiked the falls when it was partially frozen. We had a wonderful day with Brian. He made it safe every step of the way. He took us to uncommonly beautiful vantage points and took memorable pictures of us. He provided everything as advertised and made it personalized. He even provided a hot cup of tea, which I loved and was the perfect beverage on a winter hike. You will not regret booking with Brian. – Mary, March 2021

Tiana & Family – March 2021

This was an AMAZING experience! It a once in a lifetime experience, we’ve never walked on ice before but yet Brian made us feel completely safe. There were people around us who did not have the proper shoes (which Brain provided) and were slipping and falling. Brain made sure wherever we stepped was safe. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get close to nature, learn more about Catskills, and meet new people. We bonded with our team and stayed longer to walk around and got to know each other a little more.

Ross & Family – March 2021

We had a great day with Brian. He was super knowledgeable about the area and we felt safe the entire time. We booked a private hike and had our 7 year old with us. He loved it as well. Would highly recommend booking a hike with Brian for the ultimate experience.

Susan – March 2021

Brian was an excellent host. From the initial meet up to the end of the day everything was organized very professionally. It was such a pleasure to be able to enjoy the Catskills with such a knowledgeable guide. The locations that we went to were stunning. I would not hesitate to plan another hike with him in the future. – Susan, March 2021

Shannon – April 2021

Brian was an excellent guide who let us go at our own pace. He would offer up suggestionss of other views for us to check out off the beaten path. Made sure we were safe and helped us through the terrain. We had plenty of conversation along with his informative takes of the areas we walked through. I can’t wait to come back for a winter hike of the same area with a new visual of the breathtaking views. I am still sore two days after, but I am not someone who physically active everyday. The experience was so worth it though!! loved it! – Shannon, April 2021

Stephanie & Family – August 2021

Brian made our first hiking experience magical. Not only is he a great hiking guide, but he is a great photographer too. He knew all the ins and outs of the park and where to get the best photos. It was so nice not to worry about capturing the moments, but being in the moment and letting Brian capture our greatest moments. It was wonderful.


August 2021

Brian was a great guide. He was dedicated and extremely knowledgeable about the region and its history. His hike was the perfect level of challenge and ease. He was attentive to our pace, spot on with water breaks and always made the entire group feel included. All of that before you even get the photos. Brian took over 150+ great images throughout the entire hike that he shared right after – at no additional charge! Book his hike, you will not be disappointed.

Eric – August 2021

Worth it, worth it, worth it! Brian is a pro when it comes to guided hiking, local history and amazing photography. He knows all the special scenic spots with jaw dropping views and how to push you just outside of your comfort zone to make the hike an inspiring and memorable event. You couldn’t be in safer or more experienced hands and that’s part of what makes the whole adventure so enjoyable. We can’t wait to book our next one

Johanna – July 2021

Holy COW! My first trip to the Catskills and I was fortunate to have Brian be my hiking guide!! I had the best time and tackled a hike I didn’t even think I could do (I’ve never done one before!!!) I HAVE to come back and I have to hike with Brian again. SUCH a good time. – Johanna, July 2021

Tara – June 2021

Best experience! We are both occasional hikers (ages 47 and 48) and this was perfect for a sunny day. The hike was mostly under tree canopy, a couple uphill climbs not too steep, beautiful views and lots of places to rest. We met another fun couple and Brian was very informative about the area and kept us safe. – Tara, June 2021

Mimi & Nyal – August 2021

A truly amazing hiking experience! We were on the fence about whether or not this was worth it and it absolutely was. We would not have seen nearly as many amazing views without Brian. He took us a little out of our comfort zone while keeping us totally safe, it was perfect! And the photos!! Gorgeous. Great guy, great hike. Can’t say enough good things. Book this!!! – Mimi, August 2021

Irene – May 2021

We’ll begin with Brian because he really made this adventure memorable! He has left us with a true love , appreciation, and desire to venture out and explore what we don’t take time to enjoy as much as we should! He not only was friendly, pleasant to converse with, attentive, and made sure we were safe; but was also very knowledgeable and his love for nature shines through his enthusiasm to show us what he sees. We are so happy to have found him, and we look forward to more adventures with Brian!

Shazeena – May 2021

Brian was a great host! He really knew the path and awesome spots. I was able to sit out on certain things as they were a little too much for me physically without hindering others in the group. That was really important to me as I really didn’t want to inconvenience anyone for my lack of hiking experience. With that being said I definitely recommend Brian. And while there were some tough parts, the experience was very fulfilling and worthwhile.

Riniz – June 2021

This was an incredible experience. Our host Brian was responsible, knowledgeable, and an overall joy! We saw the most beautiful waterfalls and Brain captured each moment with his camera. I personally loved that Brian was very patient with me and tailored our trip to our comfort level. Overall, the hike was challenging but doable. At the end, I was so proud of myself for having completed the hike and I have Brian to thank. The snacks were also a plus! I would recommend him 100% and can’t wait to schedule another hike in the fall.

Karstina & Adeepa – July 2021

If you’re in the Catskill area and you love hikes, this is a must do. Brian is knowledgeable and catered to our abilities and levels. He brought a slew of snacks in the hike and took some amazing photos of everyone. His attention to detail is on point and really educated us on various plants and historicmake up of the land. He cares deeply about nature and made us all feel comfortable. Excellent guide.

Mike & Melanie – July 2021

Brian ensured that everyone in our group had a fantastic experience. His efforts to instill confidence and lessen the fear of the experience was thoughtful and courteous. He didn’t over push and all options along the trail were for beginners to experienced hikers. Excellent way to see the Catskills ❤️ we’d definitely do another excursion with Brian. Great picture for immediate sharing and excited to get the professional shots via email later.

Jessica – July 2021

I was not sure what to expect on this adventure but it was better than I could have ever imagine! Brian made the adventure fun and try new experiences. Brian makes it entertaining, throws some knowledge and captures all the action that you would have never thought of capturing! Everyone in the group were amazing and glad to share this experience with everyone! The trail was absolutely amazing to go on with all the waterfalls and scenic views! By far will for sure go on this adventure again! Highly recommend!

Marissa & Cheech – August 2021

Don’t hesitate, worth every penny! Beautiful scenery and special spots we never would’ve found on our own. The pictures Brian takes are fantastic. He’s a really funny and interesting guy! He told us all about the history of where we were hiking. Lots of fun! – Marissa, August 2021

Diane – June 2021

Brian is a skilled hiker and from beginning to end he makes you feel confident and able to do things you may not ordinarily do on your own. He leads you along trails that are less followed so you are not among tons of other hikers. He is very knowledgeable about the history of the region. He always smiles and takes so many photos which are not the typical posed ones. I would most definitely book another adventure!! Thank you so much !

Vashti & John – October 2020

This was our second time joining Brian, and we will definitely be reoccurring guests. Brian is the best hiking host you could ask for. He’s super personable and really gives you a memorable experience. The photos he takes are so beautiful, he captured some really sweet moments for me and my partner and I’m so thankful for that. 
Thank you Brian, we can’t wait to head back for round three!!

Sabrina – October 2020

Awesome experience getting to hike the Catskills with a guide who knows the area well. Brian was a great guide – friendly, engaging, and informative. It was great to be able to explore with a knowledgeable guide while traveling solo and to meet others who signed up for the experience. Brian showed us places with breathtaking views, helped guide us through more difficult parts of the hike, and checked in regularly to make sure we were all doing well. Highly recommend Brian and the experience he provides!

Craig – January 2021

Brian was truly a fantastic guide. It was easy for us (as moderately experienced hikers) to find confidence in his profound knowledge of the Catskill trails, as well as his hiking expertise. While Brian’s goal was to give us the best possible experie nce, our safety was always his top priority. Anything even slightly questionable, Brian was the first to examine / test the terrain and guide us towards the safest paths to get to the many picturesque locations. While we took many of our own pictures, Brian seemingly didn’t miss a moment as he took plenty of high quality candid, still, and action shots of us. With the abundance of pictures and video, it would be easy for anyone to create a perfect memorable album. Brain is truly a top notch professional and a must book if you want to make the most of your hiking experience!

Jose and Susan – December 2020

Could we have gone without Brian? Yes
Could we have had nice pics of hike? Yes
But! Being able to keep my phone in my pocket, not look at a map, or worry about slipping on ice was well worth it big time. Brian has created memories that get framed and go on walls for years to come. Book a room and go on this hike!  

Jennifer – June 2021

We loved the location of the hike. The falls were gorgeous and it was really fun to be able to view them from different heights and angles. Brian knew a lot about the geology and history of the location which really added to our enjoyment of the afternoon. The photos were icing on the cake. As I am the person usually taking the photos, it was nice to have some special photos of my daughter and me taken by someone else – Jennifer, June 2021

Ronni – February 2021

We are avid hikers and we’re initially a bit skeptical of hiring a guide. However, we are extremely happy that we did. Brian was amazing! He took us to places that we wouldn’t have gone on our own, was very personable with great attitude, and took beautiful photos to capture the moments. Highly recommend his Catskills trips.

Bilal – September 2020

My wife is about 5.5 months pregnant and we really wanted to do something outdoorsy but not dangerous for her. We booked a private hike with Brian and he did something more manageable for her to partake in while still experiencing beautiful sights. He also added a sweet touch by getting us a chalkboard and wrote “baby’s first hike” on it for us to take pics and take home! Very thoughtful. He allowed us to take many breaks and never pushed us to go faster. Thanks Brian for a great day!

Lydia & Company – October 2020

Our hike with Brian was a true delight! We wanted the experience of hiking a new-to-us area and getting fabulous images and video to match, and he went above and beyond to deliver. We met up at an easy to find location with clean restrooms, drove in a caravan to the trail head, and were quickly on the trail taking in all the sights. Brian takes his time to give you breaks as needed, expertly guides you, and non-invasively takes THE BEST pictures. If you love to “Do it for the ‘Gram”, this is the experience for you. Action shots, posed shots, candids, Brian does it all! We hiked, climbed boulders, walked behind waterfalls, all things I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and I can’t wait to come back and do another hike with him soon!

Elena & Rajeer – October 2020

BOOK WITH BRIAN! Brian gave us an experience we will never, ever forget. My partner coordinated with him behind my back for a surprise proposal! He helped plan, incorporated everything my partner wanted, then played along SO seamlessly (as an actor, I couldn’t believe how well he played me!) and gave us photos and videos we’ll treasure forever. He even shot more footage for us the next day because our hike got rainy. He was so committed to giving us a full, memorable experience and went so far above and beyond our expectations in every way. He’s super knowledgeable about the trails and hiking and made us feel comfortable immediately, even in the time of Covid. He was very mindful about masks, hand sanitizer, and distance. I could go on and on. We are definitely going to hike with Brian again in the future. Unforgettable!!

Jashon – October 2020

This was my second hiking experience with Brian. His passion for the outdoors is evident and wants everyone to see the beauty of mother nature the way he sees it. We had to modify our plans due to covid as one of the hike locations being a bit too packed for us, but Brian ensured we had a great time with some amazing views. Will definitely return.

Ryan – September 2020

Whoever is reading this, you need to go ahead and book this hiking experience with Brian. You will not be disappointed. Brian is such a friendly and personable guy – the whole day was like hiking with a friend. Brian is very knowledgeable and taught us a lot about the geological history of the Catskills, which we definitely didn’t know ourselves. I think there is something fun and special about exploring an area with a local – we only had one day to hike and Brian made sure to take us on a fun and challenging hike. Brian is also a state-licensed hiking guide, which means he isn’t some random dude advertising himself online. He really knows his stuff. The photos came out great, and the photos were awesome. Thanks again, Brian

Cathie – January 2021

Beautiful winter hike led by an expert guide! Please sign up immediately for this experience. It is one you will never forget! Beautiful location, the group was super friendly and Brian was awesome. He provided the microspikes, great information about the area, beautiful photos of the day…and HOT COFFEE and snacks during the hike! I highly recommend this, and would most certainly go on another hike in the future.

Mai – February 2020

Brian is very professional and knowledgeable. He made sure we enjoyed the adventure and got well taken care of. He took tons of great photos for us and came very well prepared with hiking spikes and snacks for the group. In fact he made us a fresh cup of coffee to warm up by the waterfalls so we get geared up for the hike back to the parking lot. I can confidently say that special cuppa coffee by the falls was a first for me and so is an ice hike. It felt very safe with Brian and I look forward to joining him on another hike next time I’m in the area. I highly recommend exploring kaaterskills falls with him, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone far into the trail without his guidance.

Samuel – December 2019

You don’t want to miss this one. I did this the last week of December and it was just perfect. Brian provided everything you need for this hike, just make sure you have your layers for winter and enjoy this experience. I liked the way the hike was structured and it was a lot of fun. I’ll probably do this hike again another season.

Alicia – December 2019

What an incredible experience! As an avid hiker I was so excited to book a mountain excursion during my visit to the Catskills. So glad I stumbled across this experience and I can not recommend Brian enough! His knowledge of the area is outstanding and he provides all the gear needed to make sure you are safe at all times. Thank you Brian, can’t wait to come back again in the summer!

Bianca & Andrew – December 2019

This was my first time doing any kind of hike! Brian answered all of my questions I had no matter what time of the day it was. He told me exactly what to bring so I would be prepared for the hike. I wanted to plan a special birthday for my boyfriend and let me tell you this was definitely an experience the both of us won’t forget! We were lucky enough to get Brian all to ourselves! He was informative and gave us knowledge and history of the areas we were hiking on top of making us feel adventurous and safe at the same time. He captured every moment and gave us memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you Brian!

Robert – October 2019

I really enjoyed the experience. Brian was an excellent guide. He considered my particular expectations and capabilities and tailored the best experience possible for me. I found him to be personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He clearly put thought and effort into trying to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. I would recommend this or any other experience trip that Brian offers because I know he’ll do a great job in making it interesting and enjoyable

Shreyas – October 2019

Hiking with Brian was a phenomenal experience. He was an exceptional guide, who knew his stuff cold but was himself warm and friendly. He cares a ton about you and it really shows. He’s passionate about the outdoors and his customized hiking itinerary in the Catskills makes a strong case for Upstate New York as a premier outdoorsy location for nature lovers! Also, he has a professional camera and that in itself makes this a magical experience (even if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t naturally love the outdoors or hiking)!

Christina – October 2019

I’m a mom of 3 boys and I chose this experience to take a break from my super busy mom life. I went on this experience as a single hiker and I was able to hike in a location I wouldn’t have otherwise been comfortable navigating on my own. Brian makes this hike a true experience, and he also brings snacks! He knows the perfect places to take breaks and soak in the beauty of it all. He took wonderful pictures, so you can safely put your phone away if you are wanting to unplug for a while. The guided hike with Brian allows you to really take in the experience as there is no worry of getting lost or missing out on views or special locations. Brian is the expert and will make sure your hike is tailored to your ability. His experience is highly recommend!

Rachel – October 2019

Brian was awesome! He started communicating days before our hike which was nice, to make sure we had directions and knew where to meet. Brian was waiting for us exactly when and where he said he would be. He met us with a smile and firm handshake. At the very beginning of the hike we followed the marker trail with park visitors of all ages coming and going. I started to question whether we should have just explored on our own. Quickly I answered my own question. Brian took us places we wouldn’t have dared to go on our own and had the history of the land to go along with it. Gorgeous, up close views of the falls from every angle. Not only did he want us to have a good experience, but to do it safely, guiding our footsteps every way. Also, Brian kindly stopped to share tips and info with other hikers along the way, to make sure everyone was having the best experience. And to top it off, he came with snacks to share, took pics along the way, and broke out his drone for phenomenal footage along the way! It was definitely a win for our trip!!! Thanks, Brian

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