Places to Stay Nearby

Downtown Athens, located on the west side of the Hudson River, about 20 minutes from hiking locations.

If you’re curious about some places to stay overnight close to our hiking trips, look no further! Browse the following categories below to see some of our favorite and recommended places to lay down after an Upstate Hiking Adventure.

Near the Catskills


10 minutes to hiking

Known as the Gateway to the Catskills, this small town sits at the bottom of the valley leading up into the Eastern Catskills and walking distance to several of our hikes.


10 minutes to hiking

The “Painted Town in the Mountains” that combines a western feel with that of the Alps, with a vibrant and walkable main street, unique shops, and one of our favorite post-hike burger joints.


10 minutes to hiking

In the heart of the mountains and ski town, with several dining options and other activities nearby throughout the year.



30 minutes to hiking

These two towns, located on opposite sides of the Hudson River, connected by the scenic Rip Van Winkle bridge, feature some boutique places to stay and finer dining options.


25 minutes to hiking

Located on the west side of the Hudson and about 25 minutes from our hikes, this town gives you a lot of dining options, some bigger retailers, and views out towards the mountains


20 minutes to hiking

Located on the northernmost range of the Catskills, this charming mountain town offers some great eats and views right in town.

Views from the town of Windham – a great option just 10-15 minutes from hiking locations

If you’re unsure of where to stay, just let us know when booking your hike, and we’re happy to offer suggestions and advice!

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