Signature Hikes

Each of our unique signature hikes offer a way to immerse in the different natural wonders of Upstate New York. Whether you like getting down low in the waterfalls and boulders, prefer to feel like you’re standing at the edge (or top) of the world, or want to take a hike through history – we’ve got a curated experience just for you.

Caves & Cracks Adventure

Venture beneath and between the megalithic boulders and bedrock of the Catskills while learning how it was all formed.

The Trail of the Falls

If waterfalls get your heart pumping and soul happy – this hike with more than five waterfalls is one of our favorites.

The Edges & Ledges

If you enjoy being on the edge, and feeling like you’re on top of the world – hike the cliffs and ridges with us, and take in the views over the Hudson Valley and into the Catskill Mountains.

Peaks & Summits

If you’re up for the challenge, we’ll get you up – and back down – some of the most iconic mountaintops in New York State.

History & Mystery

From abandoned hotels, to plane crashes, to mysterious rock gardens and more – hike to and explore the relics from the past.

Gorges & Grottos

See the power of water and erosion as we venture through the paths carved away by melting glaciers and the rivers they left behind.

Our signature curated hikes offer a unique way to experience the outdoors and feed your soul. Built around different themes, trail features, views and challenges along the way – each one is unique and thrilling in its own way.

Let’s Adventure.

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